What is Dye Sublimation Personalized Printed Jersey?

Dye-sublimation printing is highly customizable, which means that all visible designs, patterns, colors, texts, etc. on the appearance of jerseys and sportswear can be customized by our exclusive designers according to the preferences of individual teams. Do it, no need to increase the price, after the design is completed, hand it over to your own factory for production, no outsourcing process, to ensure the quality and delivery time.

Product price?

The company has three series in response to the different needs of customers:
Fixed style series/ID color matching series/DIY series

The lowest price is $108/piece (with printing)
*The jersey must be printed with the company’s LOGO


The price and introduction of each series can be found at the following website
Please click here

The difference between MT dye sublimation and traditional craft?

The difference between MT sublimation and traditional technology is that the breathability/comfort/durability of the material is very different.
You can browse the comparison in the picture below:

What is the difference between our company and other companies ?

The difference between our company and other companies lies in the jersey design/series classification/product price/the difference is very large.
You can browse the comparison in the picture below:

Add single price?
If new players are added in the future, there is no need to worry about the high price of an additional set or two.
Because the company owns its own factory, if there is a small number of additional jersey needs in the future, it can be calculated at the original price.
A set can also be produced without any additional costs.
In the future, a minimum order of one piece will also be launched. If there is a large number of group order needs, please contact customer service separately.
Will there be color difference between printed products and computer graphics?
  • There is usually a slight color difference between the pattern design and the actual finished product. We will try our best to adjust during the production process to ensure that the color of the finished product is as close as possible to the original image.
  • The pattern is designed and colored by computer. Different computer monitors have color difference problems, and the displayed colors will also be different, so the color displayed on the monitor cannot be used as the standard of the finished product.
  • Even if CMYK is used as the reference color, there will be color difference. If you have very important considerations about the color difference, please visit our company for color proofreading with our color card.
  • There are also the above differences from sample to mass production, because the production of sublimation (whether it is pattern printing, garment cutting, etc.) has its material application restrictions and involves a large number of manual production, so generally in the sample There is also a 5-8% difference between office and bulk goods.
Production Delivery time?

Excluding the design discussion period, the jerseys take about 14-21 working days from printing to delivery (excluding holidays, different series and different quantities may be adjusted), the design time varies from customer to customer, Please reserve time for discussion and be sure to confirm the use date of the jersey before placing an order.


If the delivery time is urgent, it can be changed to urgent order
Additional +35% of order total
(11-15 working days)
Additional +55% of order total
(7-11 working days)

If you need an urgent order, please inquire with our company

Payment method?

In addition to paying cash and EPS in person at the store, there is also a new FPS.


Hang Seng Bank
Company account:
Hang Seng: 789-653342-883
Our company only accepts printed notification (input paper) for confirmation


FPS electronic transfer
Register mobile phone number:
account name:
For online transfer/FPS, only screenshot confirmation is accepted


Note: If you receive a phone call or letter indicating that you need to temporarily pay for the goods with another account or method, it is a fraudulent act, please call and confirm with customer service or dial 999 to report.

Do you provide double-sided sportswear?

Yes, double-sided is only suitable for basketball uniforms for the time being.
But the double-sided full sublimation jersey is 2 pieces of single-sided sewing together, so the double-sided ball is twice as thick as the single-sided one.

Therefore, it is more convenient and cost-effective to directly make two single-sided jerseys.


There are single-sided and double-sided stores for try-on.

Why is the size of the clothes not exactly the same as the data in the size chart?

Sports quick-drying materials have elasticity and certain stretchability, and a large amount of clothing is involved in the production process Due to the manual process, there is inevitably a certain degree of error in the size of the garment, which is generally within a reasonable range of ±5%, but the error range may vary according to different sports and quick-drying materials.

Can I borrow samples?

We can express samples to customers for reference, and customers need to pay a sample deposit of $100/piece (jersey and shorts are separate calculation), the deposit will be returned in full when the customer returns the sample.

The customer needs to pay the round-trip shipping fee for the sample, we will send it by SF Express, and the customer can arrange the return method by himself.

The sample borrowing period is 14 days. If there is any loss or damage, the deposit will not be refunded. In case of any dispute, the company reserves all decision rights.

After the reference is completed, the customer can return the sample to the following address:

MT Sportswear

Contact: Kit Fong Tel: 52236614

Room 01, 14th Floor, Ho King Commercial Center, No. 2~16, Fa Yuen Street, Mong Kok

Can clothes and pants be of different sizes?

Clothes and pants can be of different sizes without additional cost.