Each Series of Custom Statement

Custom statement for each series


  • Because the jersey is customized as a personalized product, there may be a size difference. If it is within +/-5%, it is within the normal range.
  • Due to the different styles and tailoring of various products, each person has a different sense of clothing. Welcome to our store to try them on.
  • Please do not take the color displayed on the screen or any printed matter as standard. The visual color may have different color difference from the actual finished product.
  • During the sublimation process, ink penetration and conversion rates may vary slightly due to weather temperature and humidity, resulting in slight color differences.
  • If the customer returns to order the same product, there may be a slight color difference between the new product and the old product.
  • Customized products cannot be returned or exchanged except for defects. Please be sure to check after the design is completed.
  • The personalized products provided by MTsportswear include all colors, tailoring, designs, etc. After obtaining the confirmation and consent of the customer, the finished products produced by the company shall prevail. If there is any objection, this The company reserves the right of final decision.

Copyright and LOGO (logo) specification


  • The company (MTsportswear) reserves the full copyright of the sportswear and its LOGO (logo) designed by the company (MTsportswear), and consumers are not entitled to modify them right. If you need to print and use it on other products, you need to purchase the copyright separately and obtain written authorization from our company (MTsportswear).
  • If there is any violation of the law, Our company (MTsportswear) reserves the right of legal recourse.

Copyright and Disclaimer


  • Our company is only responsible for the clothing production part, and all design images, trademarks, fonts, etc. are provided by the customer. Customers should ensure that they own the copyright or use rights before using it. When the customer provides the image to the company, it also means to authorize the company to use it for production purposes. The company is not responsible for all matters related to copyright and intellectual property infringement.
  • If the company is involved in legal liability for any documents, images or electronic files provided by you and causes any loss, the company will definitely recover all responsibilities and compensation for losses from the provider of the documents, images or electronic files in a civil lawsuit.