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The company was established on May 21, 2014. At the beginning of the company’s establishment, it only provided basketball uniform printing services with traditional hot stamping techniques. After four years of development, it has provided basketball uniforms, football uniforms, volleyball uniforms, track and field uniforms and other jersey customization services for different customers. The printing process has improved. From traditional screen printing/offset printing and other processes to durable/breathable material full sublimation printing process. Its craftsmanship is more popular and praised by different customers.


Background idea

The company’s philosophy is based on efficiency, quality and innovation. It is determined to become the best local jersey manufacturer to bring high quality and popular prices to different age groups, and to create the best jersey wearing experience for different sports enthusiasts.

How much do you know about sublimation printing?

The use of special sublimation ink and sublimation transfer paper is based on the principle that when the sublimation ink is heated to a specific temperature, the dye will directly change from solid to vapor state. This kind of gaseous dye can easily enter the pores of the polymer that has been heated and enlarged. After the temperature drops, the dye is reduced to a solid state again, and at the same time the surface pores are closed, the dye is clamped in the polymer to form an image, and the color can be completely reproduced. Penetrating into the surface of the transfer item, it is completely different from traditional stickers. The pattern printed on the product will not produce glue, and the firmness is the same as that of cloth dyeing. Regardless of the visual and tactile sensations, the color expression is sharp, and it is suitable for patterns with rich colors.

Moreover, the sublimation printed jersey is more comfortable and lighter than the traditional jersey.
It is a popular jersey production technology now.

All series of our company have fully upgraded sublimation printing technology

How much do you know about sublimation

Comparison between MT sublimation and traditional process

Comparison with other companies

There are two series in response to different needs of customers:
Preset series/DIY series